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The vCIO Process


Technologies are advancing at a rapid-fire pace, presenting important benefits but also big challenges. BMS Technology provides Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) Services focused on using a no-nonsense approach to business and technology that will refresh your faith that ROI is not just three letters.


Key Deliverables:

vCIO Services includes:

  • Technology orientation and strategy workshop with management and internal stakeholders.

  • Assessment of current information technology applications, infrastructure, support services, and how technology is utilized to achieve operational and functional results

  • High-level technology feasibility analysis and business process alignment on targeted technology initiatives

  • Technology plan and roadmap with planning activities, work breakdown actions and change management strategies for technology adoption

  • Management structure and support services for technology selection, system deployment, sustainability, and overall governance.

  • Cybersecurity and IT Policy assessment, business-related metrics surrounding your current use and future needs.

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